Sunday, May 2, 2010


So, I've acquired 8 Harlies + Shadowseer + Troupe Leader. I've been considering running them with or in lieu of Banshees. With a Doom Seer following them around, the Rending could be more beneficial, considering they are WS5 vs the Shees WS4.

They also have an invulnerable and 3 attacks, 4 on the Charge with Furious Assault. The 5++ with Fortune in the Assault would work a treat against Power weapons, though the 4+ of Shees is a big trade off, if they both have fortune.

Furthermore, Harlies are I6 - the same as some super SCs.

Its a tough call.

I think I'll take both.


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  1. That's crazy! Just so crazy I might try it myself...