Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3+ Saves

Today I played a game against a new marines player.

He had footslogging BAngles;

Sanguinary Guard x 6
15 DC with packs
10 AMs with packs
20 Tacs
5 Devastators, 2 Las 2 Plasma
2 DC dreads

I won in T3 as he eloped, but for the first two turns of shooting, despite the fact I was putting in 20-30 wounds a turn thanks to the silly amount of pie plates I had (2 Prisms + 2 Gunboat Serpents + Falcon with EML + Destructor Wash) He would only take 2-5 wounds total.

I guess its normal, but seriously some ridiculous rolls. I don't know whether I need some more AP3 weapons, since only when I unleashed the Dragons and smaller pieplates did the casualties flow.

The game was 2000, though I used my 1750 list, with some extra goodies, like an Autarch with Mandiblasters + PW, and gunboat serpents.

Not really note worthy, Annihilation, Spearhead deployment. He was a new player to 40k 5th ed.

But yes, to the topic at hand; damned 3+ saves!


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