Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lords update!

I got the stuff I need to finish up for lords stripped and ready to be filed, based, primed and painted.

Currently the list is 2 warlocks on bike, 7 fire dragons and 2 wave serpents. Expect plenty of pictures this weekend, as I am free of uni work for atleast the weekend.

I'll break out the old cardboard box with some white paper and sort out some nice pictures.

I have a couple of old WS FW turrets, and one of them fits what kind of kitup I need - dual shuriken cannons. Unfortunately one of them has been poorly cast so there is alot of work required over this weekend - and since they are assembled with mold lines, I also have to do some careful filing. I've been waiting for the weather to not be so piss cold, and have some free time so I can file the resin outdoors.

I've also got plenty of salvaging work to do, since the other wave serpent turret has weapons glued on, so there will be some fixing to do :)

I'm planning on using some plasticard rod, just because I don't particulary want to be fiddling with magnets on 10 different weapons.

For the record it looks like it needs to be 2mm rod.

Stay tuned!


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