Friday, May 28, 2010

Seer and Spear Council

So I have an Autarch with Lance on bike. The model is really sweet, though I didn't put those back banners on as they are cool bits to have ;).

I also picked up 2 boxes of Shining Spears.

So, I'm playing around with the idea of running a 'dual council'. Unfortunately the Spear Council is from memory 235, not including the Autarch. That totals just over 300 points for the secondary council. The trade off is making the seer council either 10, or having a soft super counter assault unit.

4 more warlocks are 12 extra attacks, plus 4 more heavy flamers. Whereas the spear council is 18 attacks of S6 PWs and +1 reserves.

They are very vulnerable to shooting unfortunately, unlike the seer council, where it takes multiple shots to start knocking them down.

I might keep it to large games where the option to run a 10 man Seer council and 5 spears is viable. Perhaps 2250-2500.


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