Monday, May 31, 2010

WIP; New Farseer / Autarch on Bike

Another weekend has passed, another opportunity got Hobby.

I've been working on this guy for most of the weekend, slowly getting him done and put together in my time. He will be replacing my Farseer hopefully, though said said, I am still very pleased with my current Farseer on bike, hes just starting to get a bit worn and torn from his rigorous tabletop attitude of trying and deliberately failing dangerous terrain tests.

Anyway, this model will also be filling in for an Autarch with PW when I need one in my seer council, as both my Autarch models have Lances, just because lances are sweet lookin'.

I've used a kit-bash from about 5 kits, thank god for bits boxes.

Bike and Torso and Left arm are from the Shining Spears kit - two boxes gave me a spare bike and Exarch (max in a squad is 5).

Sword arm is from the Autarch on bike box, awesome box - some of the stuff in it is sweet, however fiddly.

The robes for the legs and cape are from the High Elf Mounted Mage kit.

And of course the obligatory WIP shots. Still parts to be worked on, most notably the rider himself.

Here is an unfortunately slightly blurry old picture of my current Farseer and part of the Seer Council.

As I've said there's still work to be done, especially on the robes and sanding some greenstuff down.


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