Friday, April 30, 2010

Games night 29/4

Blugh, sorry for the lack of posts, been insanely busy with Uni.

Anyway, on Thursday I headed into the Sydney Battlebunker as usual. Did a bit of hobby, got smashed by a Dark Eldar list designed to beat a really hard list, it was pretty fun, but crikey the amount of dark matter shots - holy shit. It was my first time against Dark Eldar - but by George, it won't be my last. It was still alot of fun to play against.

That said, it was really eye opening and broadened my knowledge of how to counteract a similar army in the future.

In other news, I've started stripping alot of my minis to repaint them. The list is pretty long, and I can see it lasting me well into next year. So far the list is

10 Harlequins + Shadowseer + Troupe Master
10 Banshees + Exarch
40 Dire Avengers + 4 Exarchs
12 Fire Dragons + 2 Exarchs (Half of which are the ones I'm currently working on.)
5 Wave Serpents (All the turrets need alot of work :( )
5 Wraithguard

Yeah. Could be a while. I'll get some pictures of the other stuff I've done up over the weekend.

Stay tuned.


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