Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shining Spears vs Banshees

Recently I was able to use both Spears and Shees in a game for the first time in a very long time for the shees, and first time ever for the Spears.

In a nut shell, colour me impressed with spears and Autarch, though the Autarch is crazy on his own with it. With Withdraw he really shines.

Spears while expensive, compared to banshees without doom, they are utterly insane. Shees with Doom will cut swathes through any unit too. It is hard to say which is better / preferable as they both fulfill a similar / the same role, just differently.

On one hand, the shees have the model count and the sheer # of PW attacks. They also have Fleet and are generally mounted for added protection. Their threat range is slightly dependent and slower than the spears however. They are also more susceptible to shooting attacks due to their lower toughness once they are outside of their transport.

Spears on the other hand have a massive threat range, are slightly less susceptible to shooting as the turn they aren't moving into assault have a 3+ cover save, or are out of LOS. They can essentially be the same as a small squad of Marines.

Spears also have great synergy with a tarpit unit like the Seer council with Withdraw, being able to withdraw and move behind cover and charge again. The Shees however can remain in combat but suffer from the lack of Doom, relying on the Executioner to give the guaranteed wounds.

Being S3 is the major letdown for the Banshees, while the Shining Spears need to be constantly charging to be of any use.

That said, both of them together running behind a Seer Council, oh boy. Cut swathes through MEQs.
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