Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hobby plan for July

Hey guys,

Sorry for no update earlier in the week, I'm in the middle of exams and I've got a cold. Not a good mix, let me tell you.

Regardless, I've been planning on what hobby I plan to do during my time off from Uni. The list is somewhat substantial and includes practically everything left to paint in my 1750 Lords of Terra list.

This includes;

1 Farseer on Jetbike
1 Wave Serpent with TL Cannons
1 6 man squad of Fire Dragons
1 5 Man squad of Dire Avengers
5 Objectives
2 Warlocks on bike
6 Guardian Jetbikes

Not too much, but I can definitely see this taking some time throughout July. I definitely plan to take the time to make sure everything will, as usual, challenge myself as a painter to achieve the best results.

I'm also considering taking Shining Spears over a Seer Council, and throwing in an Autarch. PWs with withdraw, they still have the saves of a Seer Council with Fortune, except that when the Farseer is fortuning them, he can't turbo boost. I'm considering, that if I make this change I'll be taking the Farseer on foot, and stick him in a DAVU Falcon and see how that goes.

Now I've just got to figure what to drop in exchange for the points, as the Autarch is an extra hundred points 30 odd points over the difference provided by dropping the seer council. He adds a lot to their effectiveness however.
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