Friday, June 4, 2010

10K point Apocalypse Game, Eldar + Guard + 'Crons vs Emperor's Children

I had the great pleasure to play in a 10k Apocalypse game the other day.

I had ~5700 points of Eldar, paired up with another fellow who was fielding 2.5k ea of Crons and Guard.

Our opponent was fielding 10000 points on his own, of Followers of She who Thirsts. It was fantastic.

I was running a real fluffy Saim Hann list, Mech Eldar and Jetseer, with a small contingent of extras / outriders.

Our table size was 12x6ft. ie 3 normal tables.

Unfortunately of all the days for my Camera to not work, it chose that day, so unfortunately there are no pictures :(.

The Strategic Assets we chose were Blind Barrage and Recon. The Chaos Strategic Assets were Flank March and Disruptor Beacon.

The formations I took were;
The new WD Saim Hann Doom Serpent Squadron, giving me a S D hit, Infiltrate on some Prisms and Vypers and Stealth.
Wind Rider Host - giving Flank March and Strategic Redeployment
Aspect Assault Wave - S7 Energy fields baby!

The only non formation units I took were some Shining Spears, Dark Reapers, Harlequins, Falcon and Rangers. Though they were all explained fluffily except for the Spears and Falcon, which really needed no explanation. The Harlequins were there to combat the great enemy, Rangers being eyes for the Saim Hann Warhost and the Dark Reapers had been maneuvered into advantageous positions.

We started at 8, giving us an hour for deployment and finished at 5. 8 Hours of nonstop carnage. It took roughly an hour a turn, and up until turn 4 it was an extremely close game with kills being matched for kills, squad by squad in an never ending dance of counter attacks, assaults and revenge.

The Chaos force was divided into two 'wings' - Mechanized and Deep striking units in one - Daemons, Raptors, a small Nightlord Contingent. The other was a ton of Noise Marines and Havocs that didn't have Transports purchased for them.

The Necrons and Guard were a mix of Tanks for the Guard, Russ, Chimeras and Valks. The Necrons was Destroyer and Lords, backed by 3 Monoliths.

As I mentioned, the game was absolute carnage, turn 3 and 4, once everything was on the table was an absolute shit storm.

It ended turn 4, with strategic redeployment and some dickery 'Cron teleporting 3:1 objectives. Victory for the Saim Hann!

So; long story short, what would I do differently next time?

Not play Apocalypse in a store, just because playing to a time limit definitely limits the potential factor for fun.

Highly Mobile Armies are a must, just considering the vast distances that may need to be crossed.

Definitely play somewhere you can crash for the night if playing a larger game, to get the full potential of the game.

House rules and objectives (such as +1 shots to units within 48) can make the game that much more ridiculous.

Definitely next time I'll be playing around the 6k mark a side I think though.
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