Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High Lords of Terra

Here in Australia, there is a tournament.

Holy bananas Batman, a tournament in Australia! Whoa! (We actually have quite a large Tournament Scene.)

Anyway, this tournament is the largest invitational tournament in Australia, where generally the top 3 players of any ranking tournament here are invited. There is an open category too however.

So currently I am in the process of painting up my final list for the Open category, as it will be my first tournament. Its a 1750pt tournament, based off the average point size that tournaments are down here in Australia.

The scoring system this year is somewhat the accepted norm here in Australia.

Currently its shaping up to be;

50% Battle Score
10-18% painting
10-20% Sports
10-20% Comp
2% Fluff

Now I know many people disagree with soft scores, but I think in light of codex creep they are necessary to a certain extent. To what extent I cannot say, but some horribly cheese lists should be penalized in my opinion. When I say horribly cheese, I mean horribly cheese that they don't offer any chance of a good game at all. They are no fun to play against. I don't mind losing, hell, I do it a darn lot - but if I give my opponent a good game, and receive one in return all is well.

So anyway, I'll post up some pics of the Fire Dragons I am currently working on, and I'll have some pics of my list up later in the week.

So; QUESTION FOR THE WEEK (tadaa): What do YOU think of SOFT SCORING in Tournaments?

As always, keep it civil but be brutally honest. If you can, post reasons too, or examples. Just what you think is fine too.

Till next time.


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