Monday, April 26, 2010

New Fire Prism and Nightspinner

As some of you may know, the new pictures for the Fire Prism and Nightspinner were leaked over the weekend.

For reference;

The new Prism

Some people vehemently do not like the way the new prism appears, I dunno. I kind of like it, though maybe without the big lance thing.

The Nightspinner.

Word on the rules for the spinner are interesting;

~20% More cost

Carries 6 models

S6 AP -, Rending, G72, 7" blast, Pinning, Twin linked.


Not D3 5".

7". IE small apocalypse blast.

Now truth be told, I'd much rather have D2 5" or D3 3" as opposed to the 7". However being a rending weapon, and having usual Eldar trickery, its possible to get a few rending hits.

It is also barrage, but knowing the crappy BS on the other Eldar tanks it is likely to be BS 3, so the twin linked aspect will come in handy when out of LOS.

Given the options I'm not sure whether I'd take a Falcon over the Nightspinner for a DAVU or not, 2-3 S8 shots or a 7" Blast template for clearing things.

Either way it is good to see some of the new Eldar Sculpts.


  1. I kinda like the new Fireprism. It has some nice nods to the original deathstalker models that it evolved from. I'll probably pick some up for my Eldar.

  2. Plus the new Fire Prism just got a little bit more range thanks to the lance-like cannon!

    Not that it needs more range, but it's all good