Thursday, April 22, 2010

Games Night

Usual Games night went down at the GW Battlebunker in Sydney.

Pretty good as usual, knocked off another fire dragon, played a 1500pt game and tossed down a few cold ones.

We had the usual crowd show up, plus the TO for Lords of Terra who came to play a game at the invitation of a unscrupulous player.

The 1500 point game was decent Seize ground, 4 objectives, Dawn of War deployment. Game ended turn 5, Turbo boosting winning the day with a 3:0 objectives.

Holo-fielded tanks (2 Fire Prisms and a Falcon, with Spirit Stones) made for a lot of fun on my behalf, as they were generally stunned or shaken due to holo-fields but ended up being able to still move from the spirit stones.

I got to ram things, a lot. Good times were had by all!

I was unable to get an accurate battle report as it was an impromptu game, as I had planned to do hobby all night.

Aah well, next time ;)

That said, any Sydney-siders finding themselves free and near the City on Thursday nights should definitely pop by. Many games to be had, along with Cockney accents and Monocle popping. Added incentive of a few drinks and a feed afterward at a pub just on the corner.


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