Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Hobby Shots

Few test models and a Void Raven I wipped up, nothing really substantial, just a quick post.

Got some BFG lined up for tuesday, pretty pumped. Just have to assemble 9 Nightshades and I'm set.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Battlefleet Gothic!

Hey all, I've been ridiculously busy with work and uni and hobby time. Unfortunately this means other hobbies have been neglected (Such as this blog.)

Anyhow - I've gone a bit pirate on the Eldar front. Strayed from the path if you will.

I've always wanted to do a corsair themed army - something I've always regretted with my Craftworld Eldar is that I didn't be inventive and use my own colour scheme. This was something I rectified with Dark Eldar. Bandwagoning I know, but the models are just too nice.

I've also started as of last week - Battlefleet Gothic, and will be hopefully playing during the coming weeks at the Sydney battle bunker. I am using Corsair Eldar, with a fleet list currently looking something like this;

Admiral, 100pts

Void Stalker


4 x Aurora

12 x Nightshades

I understand that CE are supposed to be an escort based list, but I really like the Aurora's, and until I get some games down, I'll consider changing them.

If I do drop them I'm thinking of taking more Nightshades and maybe some Hellebores and Aconites.

I've also noticed a distinct lack of BFG in the blogosphere, and currently I'm in 100% BFG mode. I've got a little bit of painting to do on my Void Dragon from Forgeworld (using it as a Void Raven) so expect pics before the 1st of Feburary.

I'll also get some pretty pictures of the fleet in all it's assembled glory.

Anyhow, if any of you guys have any input in BFG, I believe my first game will either be against Tyranids, or Nova cannon spam ( Dominators and Tyrants.) So if you'd like to instigate a hopefully engaging and developing discussion here about BFG, drop a comment.

Tune in again in a few days.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hobby Forge

So, the cogs are whirring, bellows are pumping and an infernal heat is being created in my hobby room.

I've gone and gotten hobby black lung I think, 3 weeks of assembling OnG.

It's also come to my attention that I've never actually posted a picture of my Eldar as an army.

I'll be having another game with the Eldar tomorrow; probably going to get some serious playing around with a new 1750 configuration; no seer council. Oh the humanity. I'll take Eldrad and Banshee's instead, because they are awesome.

Onwards and upwards!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh noes, Fantasy Orc invasion

I've been slightly waylaid by a massive amount of Orcs and Goblins since the new release of Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition.

Here's some pictures of the task I've currently gotten myself into. This doesn't include the 3 Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblins I've also put together.


Grimgor iz da best. Currently I'm in the middle of assembling everything; I went with a horde army to mix it up a little - Eldar don't play anything like Orcs, Eldar being a finesse army, and Orcs and Goblins being a more of a sneaky smash you in the face.

Anyhow; I'm considering some options for my Eldar; Gunboat Serpents didn't really cut the mustard, and I'm very surprised. On paper they are amazing. Might just stick with the tried and tested TL Scatter Lasers.

Oh yes, long story short, there will probably be some Orc and Goblin stuff popping up here from time to time.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Games for the Game God

Victory for the Victory Throne!

Played 2 games today; one at 2500, another at 2000 both against Space Wolves. One Victory at 2500, one loss 7-5 kill points. Trying out a few new things, namely Warp Spiders, and getting familiar with old things - Eldrad, Dire Avengers and Banshees.

As always the Banshee's never fail to perform. Infact they probably tend to over perform. I was running them in squads of 10, though I can see why people run them in squads of 8. Doom makes them awesome.

The only reason why I ran shee's over Harlies is because Harlies #1; can't but a dedicated transport. (Night Spinner is pretty aite) and #2, they are more expensive.

Shees are trading an extra attack, which may not seem like a lot, and even though with Doom, Rending and wounds against T4 models, the consistent power weapon attacks seems to really help.

I was considering dropping the Night Spinner for some Reapers, but that would remove the fluff from the Army. At 2500, 7 tanks, 4 gunboat serpents; 2 Fire Prisms; 1 Night Spinner. Quite frankly I'm not too impressed with gunboat serpents. On paper they seem to be pretty alright. In the field, they should be good, but I can't help but feel underwhelmed by them.

The Night Spinner is the same. Though; the dangerous terrain tests are nice to knock off a couple of models, as is the rending. Since Doom specifically lets you reroll *any* wound roll.

Eldrad; as expected was fantastic. I forgot how good he was thanks to always running a seer council. In the 2500 point game, I took an Autarch over a second Farseer. Autarch came on from reserve attached to a 3 man bike squad and charged into combat.

Long story short, the whole squad copped instant death and died on the turn they arrived.

Ah well.

In other news; don't take gambles :v. It cost me the 2000 point game; it was tied for KP's. 5-5. He had a single wolf priest with 1 wound left; pouring all kinds of fire into his squad had killed the rest.

I charged him with 6 bikes and 2 Warp Spiders - Normally for any Marine that would be the end of it.


Out of all the hits and wounds; 1 wound was made, and it was saved.

Wolf Lord proceeded to flatten the spiders and the bikes fled off the table.

Cool lost 2 Kill points, and the game ended.



Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh yeeeaaah

I plan on contrasting the sword more, and I've redone the cape, since I don't think a starscape looked good, even after a fair bit of experimentation.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Eldrad!

Work and Uni have kept me busy, so progress on Eldrad has been really slow.

Not that I'm in a rush anyway; but I'll have to get cracking if I want to paint up Grimgor Ironhide too.