Saturday, January 29, 2011

Battlefleet Gothic!

Hey all, I've been ridiculously busy with work and uni and hobby time. Unfortunately this means other hobbies have been neglected (Such as this blog.)

Anyhow - I've gone a bit pirate on the Eldar front. Strayed from the path if you will.

I've always wanted to do a corsair themed army - something I've always regretted with my Craftworld Eldar is that I didn't be inventive and use my own colour scheme. This was something I rectified with Dark Eldar. Bandwagoning I know, but the models are just too nice.

I've also started as of last week - Battlefleet Gothic, and will be hopefully playing during the coming weeks at the Sydney battle bunker. I am using Corsair Eldar, with a fleet list currently looking something like this;

Admiral, 100pts

Void Stalker


4 x Aurora

12 x Nightshades

I understand that CE are supposed to be an escort based list, but I really like the Aurora's, and until I get some games down, I'll consider changing them.

If I do drop them I'm thinking of taking more Nightshades and maybe some Hellebores and Aconites.

I've also noticed a distinct lack of BFG in the blogosphere, and currently I'm in 100% BFG mode. I've got a little bit of painting to do on my Void Dragon from Forgeworld (using it as a Void Raven) so expect pics before the 1st of Feburary.

I'll also get some pretty pictures of the fleet in all it's assembled glory.

Anyhow, if any of you guys have any input in BFG, I believe my first game will either be against Tyranids, or Nova cannon spam ( Dominators and Tyrants.) So if you'd like to instigate a hopefully engaging and developing discussion here about BFG, drop a comment.

Tune in again in a few days.
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