Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Games for the Game God

Victory for the Victory Throne!

Played 2 games today; one at 2500, another at 2000 both against Space Wolves. One Victory at 2500, one loss 7-5 kill points. Trying out a few new things, namely Warp Spiders, and getting familiar with old things - Eldrad, Dire Avengers and Banshees.

As always the Banshee's never fail to perform. Infact they probably tend to over perform. I was running them in squads of 10, though I can see why people run them in squads of 8. Doom makes them awesome.

The only reason why I ran shee's over Harlies is because Harlies #1; can't but a dedicated transport. (Night Spinner is pretty aite) and #2, they are more expensive.

Shees are trading an extra attack, which may not seem like a lot, and even though with Doom, Rending and wounds against T4 models, the consistent power weapon attacks seems to really help.

I was considering dropping the Night Spinner for some Reapers, but that would remove the fluff from the Army. At 2500, 7 tanks, 4 gunboat serpents; 2 Fire Prisms; 1 Night Spinner. Quite frankly I'm not too impressed with gunboat serpents. On paper they seem to be pretty alright. In the field, they should be good, but I can't help but feel underwhelmed by them.

The Night Spinner is the same. Though; the dangerous terrain tests are nice to knock off a couple of models, as is the rending. Since Doom specifically lets you reroll *any* wound roll.

Eldrad; as expected was fantastic. I forgot how good he was thanks to always running a seer council. In the 2500 point game, I took an Autarch over a second Farseer. Autarch came on from reserve attached to a 3 man bike squad and charged into combat.

Long story short, the whole squad copped instant death and died on the turn they arrived.

Ah well.

In other news; don't take gambles :v. It cost me the 2000 point game; it was tied for KP's. 5-5. He had a single wolf priest with 1 wound left; pouring all kinds of fire into his squad had killed the rest.

I charged him with 6 bikes and 2 Warp Spiders - Normally for any Marine that would be the end of it.


Out of all the hits and wounds; 1 wound was made, and it was saved.

Wolf Lord proceeded to flatten the spiders and the bikes fled off the table.

Cool lost 2 Kill points, and the game ended.


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