Friday, April 30, 2010

Games night 29/4

Blugh, sorry for the lack of posts, been insanely busy with Uni.

Anyway, on Thursday I headed into the Sydney Battlebunker as usual. Did a bit of hobby, got smashed by a Dark Eldar list designed to beat a really hard list, it was pretty fun, but crikey the amount of dark matter shots - holy shit. It was my first time against Dark Eldar - but by George, it won't be my last. It was still alot of fun to play against.

That said, it was really eye opening and broadened my knowledge of how to counteract a similar army in the future.

In other news, I've started stripping alot of my minis to repaint them. The list is pretty long, and I can see it lasting me well into next year. So far the list is

10 Harlequins + Shadowseer + Troupe Master
10 Banshees + Exarch
40 Dire Avengers + 4 Exarchs
12 Fire Dragons + 2 Exarchs (Half of which are the ones I'm currently working on.)
5 Wave Serpents (All the turrets need alot of work :( )
5 Wraithguard

Yeah. Could be a while. I'll get some pictures of the other stuff I've done up over the weekend.

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Fire Prism and Nightspinner

As some of you may know, the new pictures for the Fire Prism and Nightspinner were leaked over the weekend.

For reference;

The new Prism

Some people vehemently do not like the way the new prism appears, I dunno. I kind of like it, though maybe without the big lance thing.

The Nightspinner.

Word on the rules for the spinner are interesting;

~20% More cost

Carries 6 models

S6 AP -, Rending, G72, 7" blast, Pinning, Twin linked.


Not D3 5".

7". IE small apocalypse blast.

Now truth be told, I'd much rather have D2 5" or D3 3" as opposed to the 7". However being a rending weapon, and having usual Eldar trickery, its possible to get a few rending hits.

It is also barrage, but knowing the crappy BS on the other Eldar tanks it is likely to be BS 3, so the twin linked aspect will come in handy when out of LOS.

Given the options I'm not sure whether I'd take a Falcon over the Nightspinner for a DAVU or not, 2-3 S8 shots or a 7" Blast template for clearing things.

Either way it is good to see some of the new Eldar Sculpts.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Weekend;

Hey guys,

Currently there is a long weekend currently in progress to commemorate ANZAC day, and I'm away from home - so this weekend probably won't see many posts. I'll resume regular posts on Monday; hopefully with a couple of battle reports from this weekend.

Go forth and have some good gaming!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Games Night

Usual Games night went down at the GW Battlebunker in Sydney.

Pretty good as usual, knocked off another fire dragon, played a 1500pt game and tossed down a few cold ones.

We had the usual crowd show up, plus the TO for Lords of Terra who came to play a game at the invitation of a unscrupulous player.

The 1500 point game was decent Seize ground, 4 objectives, Dawn of War deployment. Game ended turn 5, Turbo boosting winning the day with a 3:0 objectives.

Holo-fielded tanks (2 Fire Prisms and a Falcon, with Spirit Stones) made for a lot of fun on my behalf, as they were generally stunned or shaken due to holo-fields but ended up being able to still move from the spirit stones.

I got to ram things, a lot. Good times were had by all!

I was unable to get an accurate battle report as it was an impromptu game, as I had planned to do hobby all night.

Aah well, next time ;)

That said, any Sydney-siders finding themselves free and near the City on Thursday nights should definitely pop by. Many games to be had, along with Cockney accents and Monocle popping. Added incentive of a few drinks and a feed afterward at a pub just on the corner.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1750 List for Lords

So, here is my list that I intend to utilize for Lords of Terra.


Eldar Jetbike

Warlock Unit (5)
Eldar Jetbikes
3 x Destructor
1 x Embolden
1 x Enhance

Guardian Jetbike Squad (6)

2 x Shuriken Cannons

Guardian Jetbike Squad (6)

2 x Shuriken Cannons

Guardian Jetbike Squad (6)
2 x Shuriken Cannons

Dire Avenger Squad (5)

[Mounted in Falcon, DAVU ftw]

Spirit Stones
EML (Scatter laser?)

Fire Dragons (6)
Wave Serpent

TL Shuriken Cannons
Spirit Stones

Fire Dragons (6)
Wave Serpent
TL Shuriken Cannons
Spirit Stones

Fire Prism

Fire Prism

As it stands I'm actually 3 points over, I'm thinking of what to drop. Perhaps the EML off the Falcon for a scatter laser. The only bonus of the EML is it can count as a defensive weapon, though its target profile as a defensive weapon would be greatly different than a pulse laser.

Oh hey, pictures!

Bwah, I hope these don't destroy my page.

High Lords of Terra

Here in Australia, there is a tournament.

Holy bananas Batman, a tournament in Australia! Whoa! (We actually have quite a large Tournament Scene.)

Anyway, this tournament is the largest invitational tournament in Australia, where generally the top 3 players of any ranking tournament here are invited. There is an open category too however.

So currently I am in the process of painting up my final list for the Open category, as it will be my first tournament. Its a 1750pt tournament, based off the average point size that tournaments are down here in Australia.

The scoring system this year is somewhat the accepted norm here in Australia.

Currently its shaping up to be;

50% Battle Score
10-18% painting
10-20% Sports
10-20% Comp
2% Fluff

Now I know many people disagree with soft scores, but I think in light of codex creep they are necessary to a certain extent. To what extent I cannot say, but some horribly cheese lists should be penalized in my opinion. When I say horribly cheese, I mean horribly cheese that they don't offer any chance of a good game at all. They are no fun to play against. I don't mind losing, hell, I do it a darn lot - but if I give my opponent a good game, and receive one in return all is well.

So anyway, I'll post up some pics of the Fire Dragons I am currently working on, and I'll have some pics of my list up later in the week.

So; QUESTION FOR THE WEEK (tadaa): What do YOU think of SOFT SCORING in Tournaments?

As always, keep it civil but be brutally honest. If you can, post reasons too, or examples. Just what you think is fine too.

Till next time.

First Post!

So, here is the first post of my new Blog, all things Eldar.

I'll do my best to post regular lengthy updates, in which I hope to engage the wider Eldar community in discussions of the posted article.

The reason I've started a blog is simply something I've wanted to do, and comparatively to many other races for Warhammer 40k, there aren't that many Eldar blogs around.

Anyway, I'll try my best to make this blog full of pretty pictures and engaging discussions.