Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lords of Terra

First off, an apology. I know I said that I'd be keeping this up to date during my holidays, but time just disappeared.

A combination of a new job and getting ready for Lords vacuumed up all
the time.

This weekend, I had the great pleasure of participating in the third annual Lords of Terra tournament. Lords of Terra as some of you may know is an invitational event with invites going to the top players in Australia, though there is also an open category.

I had an awesome time there, every game I had was an absolute blast. Best tournament ever, though it was my first tournament.

I would rather not go into great detail of the games that I won as I think it would be against the spirit of the tournament that I experienced, however I did finish within the top 10.

A big thing that I would like to highlight are soft scoring in a tournament. I believe that these are probably the best addition to any tournament, despite the cheese-bearding about them on the internet.

In my opinion, soft scoring brings out the best in players, in firstly giving yourself incentive to challenge yourself with not using an easymode instagibbing list. They also encourage a more friendly and positive approach to the tournament.

I definitely recommend that everyone tries a tournament with a high percentage of soft scores atleast once, as they definitely in my opinion to an excellent tournament and tournament environment.
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